Sunday, November 14, 2010


"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Ashee, Happy Birthday to You"

Todays my bffls birthday and we decided to hold a <surprise> birthday party. We had been planning this for a few weeks but no one had actually listened to me (sadly) It was just a few days ago, that we finally assigned jobs for everyone.

We decided to:
  • Bring 2 mudcakes
  • Make cupcakes
  • Bring Chocolate
  • Bring Fairybread
  • Bring lots and lotsa confectionary xD
  • Make brownies
We had to cut down the things that we could bring for this party like chips because my friend was allergic to some types of food. Except in the end.... most people forgot to bring food because they were either really busy studying (Because its the assessment period) or they couldn't find anything to bring. But that didn't matter because we had a lot of things to eat anywayz.

We usually held party's in the Food technology room so we put all our stuff there. We also had to get up there at the start of lunch without the Birthday girl suspecting. Though someone stuffed the whole thing up by telling my friend about the party, even though it was an accident. But we convinced my friend to pretend that she didn't hear anything, just so that it wouldn't spoil our effort loolz.

People started pigging out before i even had the chance to take a photo...

She was really happy when she came upstairs to the room. She loved the presents so much that she nearly started crying :'(
We had a really great time.

I think that this is by far the coolest thing i've ever seen in my life (:
Its a music box but you twist the little bunnies in the middle and as the music box starts the ferris wheel starts rotating. It was a present from the My Friends- Best friend hehe~


  1. Ngaww...she nearly started crying =P

  2. @Von yesh... it was really cute =D

  3. That's really cute :D She must be happy too to have a friend like you. I'll be touched if I'm her...