Friday, November 26, 2010

♥ Electric Love Cafe ♥

Do you remember this?
Szechuan Chicken $4.00

LoL! (: Its my szechuan chicken, aka my signature dish (actually, its the only main meal that i can cook without killing the kitchen) Haha!

On Thursday, our Food Tech Class had a multicultural cafe that we had been planning for nearly a year... its where you get into groups of 4-5 people, choose a country, select an entree, main or dessert from that country and cook and serve it to your customers. Our group, chose the country, China, since we're all asian and we chose a main course and a dessert. At first we were going to choose an asian noodle for the main but no one had used that recipe  before so we weren't sure if it'll work out correctly on that day, so i suggested my szechuan chicken. For the dessert, i had photocopied some asian recipes from some asian books that my sister had bought from Hong Kong last year. But, my friends didn't find the pictures very appealing so in the end i used a simple recipe to make Mango Pudding. We had to plan our clothing for that day, the prices, menu, our table and give out the invitations to the teachers.

This is how we decided to set our table. We made a big poster with our cafe name "Electric Love" and then we put origami stars and swans around it and a bowl of bread on top of the poster. The origami collection belonged to my friend and it took her around 2 years to fold everything (: A teacher gave us extra tips for the nice presentation of the origami! Lool =]

We ended up inviting 9 teachers. On the day of the cafe, we started to cook during 3rd & 4th period. Our group had to work extra quick because one of our team members had a huge blister on her foot and she couldn't come to school. We were so stressed because they didn't have enough of one sauce and the sauce was the main ingredient of the main dish. We had to scrape every little bit out of the jar!!! Oh, and we also had to cook the rice in a pot, which is weird because, us asians usually cook in a rice cooker >.<

In the end, everything was ok, but we just plated everything up when the teachers started to arrive!

Our goal was to earn $50 or more, so our prices were a bit expensive! The teachers thought that our meal was really delicious and we  were really happy that it was really successful. Most of the teachers gave us lots of tips and after the cafe, we still had heaps of mango pudding left in the fridge and a lot of lemon tea and aloe vera left so everyone just helped themselves with a carton! =D

Yes, our table looked like it had just been bombed xD We took over the whole bench & we also had left over rice + szechuan chicken. We gave it to a guy in our class who really liked it (:

My friends had an italian cuisine and after the cafe my friend and i decided to pig out on their left over canilloni (: It was really nice even though it was cold ^_^ Their cookies were really nice as well~ They had the normal arnotts cookies with chocolate icing and decorations on top!

                                      Canelloni               Chocolate Biscuits

The canelloni is falling apart in the photo because my friend gave me the left overs in a take-away container and on that day i catch the bus. The bus was really bumpy so it kind of fell apart when i arrived home! But it still tasted GREAT! (:

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